There are a number of CS education communities around Washington state in which teachers can share, learn, and find solidarity:

  • The Puget Sound CSTA Chapter brings together K-12 CS educators from around the region. They network, plan student events, and often offer professional development. This is a great place to network with other K-12 CS teachers.

  • The CSEd Connect WA Slack brings together a cross section of people passionate about CS education, spanning K-12, 2-year colleges, 4-year colleges, universities, not-for-profits, industry, and policy makers. This is a great place to learn about a diversity of perspectives that intersect with K-12 CS education concerns.

  • The CS for All Washington website has a list of people passionate about CS education of all kinds, giving a statewide view of advocates and experts. Reach out to anyone on the list to network and learn!

  • Amy Ko maintains a Computing Education list on Twitter, which has many people passionate about CS education from across the world. Follow this list to get a pulse on national and global trends in CS education, to find out about conferences, and to learn about recent discoveries from research.

  • The CSTA Conference, which is run each July, is an excellent event for networking with K-12 CS educators around North America.

We also encourage teachers to create their own communities, especially affinity groups around shared interests and identities. Let us know if you need help brainstorming how to start one of your own.