Critical CS Ed


An NSF-funded project investigating how to prepare justice-focused middle and high school CS teachers.

Preparing Justice-Focused CS Educators

We are researcher-practitioner partnership at the University of Washington, Shoreline School District, and Highline School District investigating innovative ways to integrate CS education and social justice. Our team combines diverse perspectives and expertise in secondary teacher education, CS education research, administration, and social justice perspectives on computing and society. Our goal is to prepare a new generation of secondary CS educators who center social justice in their teaching, developing students critical consciousness about their relationship to computing in the world.

Our core activities include:

Throughout these activities, our goal is to broaden participation in CS by diversifying CS teachers, and preparing them to teach in CS culturally-responsive, critically conscious ways.

Our team

Our core team includes:

Our Ph.D. students include:

Our advisory board includes:

We expect to grow to include additional instructors, doctoral students, and undergraduates.


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