Imagining more critically conscious CS education

Imagining more critically conscious CS education

Computing has transformed society in magical ways, while at the same time amplifying inequality, inequity, and systems of oppression. How do we teach Computer Science in a way that helps youth harness its power, while also recognizing its capacity for harm?

Our researcher-practitioner partnership is trying to answer this question. Centered at the University of Washington, and in partnership with Shoreline School District and Highline School District, we’re investigating innovative ways to integrate CS education and social justice. (See more about our team).

This website is where we share our findings, as well as other resources we’ve curated from across the world. Our work particularly focuses on secondary and post-secondary settings, but the resources on this site might be useful in any learning context.

The primary resources on this site include:

In addition to the above, we plan to add sections with links to teaching materials, curricula, recommended readings, and communities of other CS educators.