We’re curating a list of resources for critical CS pedagogy.

Practice Briefs

We’ve been developing short 2-page practice briefs that help teachers and school leaders understand opportunities for teaching CS in more critically conscious ways:

The Mozilla Foundation has also compiled several short practice briefs:

  • Teaching Responsible Computing Playbook, covers accessibility, ethics, broadening participation, employment choices, difficult conversations, managing resistance, unintended consequences, and more.


Below are novels and novellas suitable for middle and high school youth:

  • Our Reality (by Tadayoshi Kohno) is a novella set in 2024 that explores questions of race, surveillance, and augmented reality. It’s a great option for middle or high school classrooms that want to examine the intersections of technology, ethics, policy, and race.

  • Power Up! (by Jean J. Ryoo, Jane Margolis, and Charis JB), is a graphic novel about students taking a stand against how computing is used in their schools.


Below are other collections of resources, like this one.

  • Computers and Society. This website, organized by several scholars of computing, ethics, and society, organizes resources for learning and thinking ethically about computing.

  • REAL-CS Student Voices. This project contains videos, books, and other materials on marginalization in K-12 CS, and including a video that amplifies student voices in CS.

Units, Lessons, and Modules